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  • Unlimited 100 Mile Towing
  • Hopitalization Cash Benefits
  • Hotel & Car Rental Discounts
  • Vision, Rx, Dental Discounts
  • Shopping Rewards
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TVC Auto Club - Your Drivers Voice in Court

We provide Little-Known Secrets that can help you Beat the Rising Costs of Insurance Rates, Legal Services, and vehicle Breakdowns.
Let our negotiating strength of millions of drivers throughout the US and Canada work for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a driver concerned about your Personal Auto or CDL liabilities; we have a plan for you.

We now offer several plans for you to choose from based on your needs. The TVC Pro-Driver plan for CDL traffic tickets and pre-existing ticket legal services. The MCA Total Security plans empower Drivers to Protect the Driver’s License, family, and future with Unlimited Roadside Services.  Ask about adding teenaged family members too.

We have great proactive protection plans you can choose from. There are no contracts and we offer monthly "pay-as-you-go" membership options with coverages and traffic ticket protection plans to fit almost any need!

The 4995 Pro CDL Protection Plan

This is a company drivers "First Choice" for CDL Commercial Vehicle Coverage. This CDL Protection Plan Covers the enrolled CDL driver anywhere in the US & Canada, in any personal or Commercial motor vehicle licensed for highway use.  Personal Passenger Vehicle Coverage covers the enrolled CDL driver member and spouse living in the same household. There are many other perks and benefits to help you save more than $49.95 a month. This is America's #1 CDL Protection Plan not only because it protects the CDL driver from Serious Accident Charges like involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide or vehicular homicide cases but it also pays up to 100% of the legal representation fee's (potentially saving the driver from $30,000 to $100,000 on lawyer fees). Proactive drivers Protect their CDL while Maximizing their peace of mind so they don't have to feel like they have to get a ticket or an accident to get their moneys worth. Most CDL drivers on this plan don't get many tickets or accidents to begin with (maybe 1 every 10 to 15 years). They just have our CDL Pro Driver Protection Plan, just in case they need it for that one Serious Accident that can turn out to be a life changing event.  It is better to have it and not need it; than need it and not have it.

There are several payment options; annual, quarterly, monthly or you can just pay as you go. No contracts or locked in memberships. We now offer a Pro Plus plan and a VIP Pro plan with additional fuel card discounts, insurance, tire and vehicle maintenance discount benefits for the owner operator. You can ask your TVC Advisor or CDL consultant for details and about the many perks and benefits that come along with your CDL Protection Plan.

MCA Motor Club Total Security $19.95 Plan with Hospitalization Benefits

Covers one driver in personal passenger vehicle. Provides up to 100 mile towing, traffic ticket legal benefits, $50,000 AD&D with Hospital Indemnity and ER Cash Benefits. This is an excellent add-on for truckers who want the extra protection for themselves, the spouse or the kids.

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Get peace of mind against life's unpleasant surprises. With our Drivers protection, you can rest easy knowing you are providing you and your family access to the best legal representation for traffic tickets, Emergency Roadside Assistance and many more perks and benefits.

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